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RELEASED - April 2015

I'll Kill You Later - Shadow Hunter Book 2

She knew they were out there, that they were hunting her like she was some big game animal—her head for a trophy, her heart for a ritual sacrifice.

Why? Because Ryder Jae Lee, a seventeen-year old Native American, is their predator, as they are hers. Fated from birth to track and destroy dark entities that escape the shadowy trail that lies between the realms of light and dark to enter the world of the mortals, she travels the highways and byways with a ghost dog, hunting monsters that must be destroyed. Three retired Army Rangers are her support team.

Her present mission leads her to the beautiful and mystical red rock country of Sedona, Arizona, to eliminate a hideous corpse feeder that is rifling graves and hijacking cadavers out of the cold storage units of the city morgue and funeral parlors. But an urgent call from the Rangers cancels out that mission and takes her to the Grand Canyon where, to her shock and displeasure, she is forced to partner up with a more seasoned Shadow Hunter—an Apache Spirit Dancer. Apparently, the entity stalking the magnificent Canyon is too powerful for just one shadow hunter to engage, especially if the hunter is as young and inexperienced as she. Visions and dreams speak to Ryder Jae of it being an ancient, diabolical creature, a global migrant that sustains itself on the innocence of human babies. And if that wasn’t frightening enough, Ryder Jae finds herself being pursued by two antagonistic vampires vying for first dibs at her blood.

According to Ryder Jae, life would be good if the undead just stayed dead!

Shadow Hunter -  Book 1

Never, ever forget that these creatures are the predators of our species. They’ll take the old, the adults, teenagers, children, infants. They do not discriminate. In one way or another, we are their sustenance. The vampire continues his immortality with human blood, the shape shifter requires our body, and the demon feeds on our soul. The abominations go on and on.

            This is what RYDER JAE LEE has been taught since she was surrendered by her Native American people, as a four-year-old child, to be taught the techniques and skills she would need to become a Shadow Hunter. Now, on the eve of her seventeenth birthday, Jae is setting out on the task of a lifetime:  to revenge her sister’s murder by killing the vampire responsible, a gorgeous yet undeniably evil creature named CADEN. Hot on the trail of the Dead One, aided by a ghost dog, Jae is suddenly diverted from her task by a summons from the three Rangers who have been her life trainers: CODY LONEWOLF, MAX KIDD, and JOAQUIN LEE.

            A new twist in Jae’s life has suddenly come into play. Jae has been made the beneficiary of a large trust fund by a wealthy, but completely unrelated, socialite. Now, the woman’s blood relative, CAVANAUGH WINHELM CARRIGAN II, has asked the Rangers to arrange a meeting between him and Jae. What the Rangers do not realize is that Carrigan is just one of many personages, both living and undead, who wish desperately to see Jae’s demise.


Falling Stars

Seventeen year old Scout Logan never expected he’d be finishing his junior year in high school in the small desert town of Parker, Arizona, a town surrounded by an Indian Reservation and boiling with racial tensions. Nor did he expect to find the love of his life there, a love that could literally cost him his life.  

Beautiful, intelligent, and aloof, Rosalie Russell wants out and she will not allow anything or anyone to distract her from her goal of escaping Parker. Not even the handsome Scout Logan who is doggedly pursuing her.

Sonny Cota, a hood with a switchblade, has his own warped ideas concerning Rosalie. She was his, pure and simple, and no guy was going to steal her away from him. Especially, not a Johnny-come-lately white boy.